NextGen Michigan


The Storage Project will create shared and personal drive space required by end users, as well as create a consolidated environment for other local unit storage needs. In addition, a storage roadmap has been developed for the university that addresses a wide range of storage needs, including emerging needs in the area of research data sets and long-term data storage.

U-M currently operates a large number of storage solutions, which emerged over time to meet particular project, unit, and system needs. With the NextGen Storage Project, the university aims to consolidate our many storage systems into a smaller set of better coordinated offerings.

As one of its first efforts, U-M recently launched an initiative that provides a way for students, faculty, and staff to store and share files online. The service will be provided as part of a two-year agreement between Internet2—a consortium of leading U.S. research and educational organizations—and Box—a commercial online file sharing and storage service.

In addition to being a storage solution, the partnership with Box also supports two other key NextGen projects:

  • Collaboration
    Box will complement Google Apps for Education, the core set of email, calendaring, and collaboration tools that will also be rolled out in early 2012.

  • Cloud Computing
    U-M is partnering with commercial services to provide the university with a private, shared online environment that can be used for a variety of activities including collaboration, research, storage, and database management.

NextGen has redefined the original Accenture recommendation for this project, which was focused on tactical realignment of ITS storage.