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IT4U Collaboration Webinars

IT4U is a series of interactive webinars brought to you by Information and Technology Services. The IT4U Collaboration Series focuses on tips and techniques for working with Google, CTools, Box and other tools.

The U-M Teaching and Technology Collaborative offers hands-on sessions on Google, CTools, and many other topics.

Note: If you are a person with a disability who needs an accommodation to engage with IT4U live or recorded episodes, please contact Advance notice of ten business days is required for live episodes.

Upcoming Live Webinars

  • Working with Folders in M+Box (IT4U39)
    Thursday, October 23, 9-9:45 a.m.
    Learn how to work with M+Box folders when organizing your own files, collaborating with a few colleagues, working with a large team, or providing a learning environment for coursework.
    Level: Intermediate
    Presenters: Chris Mueller and MaryBeth Stuenkel (ITS)
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  • U-M Tech Training Resources (IT4U38)
    Tuesday, October 21, 9-9:30 a.m.
    Take a tour of the available technical training resources for U-M faculty and staff, from online to instructor-led.
    Presenter: Brenda Hill (ITS)
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Please note: Only U-M faculty, staff and students can register for live webinars. The webinar recordings are public. If you need assistance with webinar registration or recording playback, contact the ITS Service Center.

Webinar Recordings


  • Integrating Tools with Google Sites (IT4U36)
    38 minutes
    Ryan Vis (ITS) shows examples of integrating multiple tools—Google Docs, Forms, M+Box, and a Google Group—in a Google Site. Recorded 7/14/2014

  • Google Groups (IT4U34)
    30 minutes
    Ryan Vis (ITS) covers the basics of Google Groups: features/advantages, set-up, security (private or public), and synchronization with MCommunity. (Level: Introductory) Recorded 5/15/2014

  • Google Forms and Presentations (IT4U30)
    41 minutes
    Slides and Forms Presentation PDF
    Google Forms is a quick and easy way to plan events, send a survey, or give a quiz. Google Presentations are online slideshows that can be easily shared and co-edited. Ryan Vis (ITS) offers tips, tricks, and updates on new features. Recorded 1/23/14

  • Intro to Google Hangouts (IT4U27)
    33 minutes
    Mike Stork (ITS) shows how to get started with your first online meeting or video-chat via Google Hangouts. Learn how to invite participants, adjust your camera and microphone, share documents and your screen, and more. Recorded 10/17/2013

  • Intro to Google+ (IT4U26)
    39 minutes
    Learn about Google's social network, which features stronger privacy settings than Facebook and easy ways to connect with people and organizations. Presenters Chase Masters and Lauren Atkins Budde (LSA Instructional Support Services) show how to get started with your profile, post updates and resources, and create circles and communities. Recorded 9/24/2013

  • Google Sites, Part 2 (IT4U25)
    40 minutes
    Eric Fruth (ITS) demonstrates how to customize your site, integrate other Google apps (videos, files, folders, groups), and more. Recorded 7/22/2013

  • Broadcasting Google Hangouts (IT4U23)
    39 minutes
    Mike Stork (ITS) demonstrates broadcasting and recording your Google Hangouts with the "On Air" feature and YouTube. Recorded 4/09/2013

  • Intro to Google Sites (IT4U22)
    44 minutes
    Nancy Brack Herlocher (LSA IT) covers creating a site, adding/editing content, sharing with others, inserting calendars and Google Docs, and more. Recorded 3/11/2013

  • Google Chrome Extensions for Productivity (IT4U20)
    36 minutes
    Extensions are applications that run inside the Google Chrome browser and provide additional functionality. Ryan Vis (ITS) offers tips and recommendations, with a focus on productivity tools. Recorded 1/29/2013

  • Introduction to Google Spreadsheets (IT4U18)
    33 minutes
    Learn how to create, edit, share, and collaborate in Google spreadsheets. Spreadsheets lack the sophistication of Excel but offer a range of functions, light charting and analysis, and real-time editing. Recorded 11/06/2012

  • Introduction to Google Calendar (IT4U15)
    45 minutes
    Learn calendar basics, including layout options, scheduling group events, sharing, delegation, and viewing multiple calendars. Try a few Labs—experimental features to improve productivity. With Google Guides Jen Mruk and Eric Fruth. Recorded 10/9/2012

  • Google Drive (IT4U14)
    48 minutes
    With Google Drive, you can store, edit, and share files from anywhere and keep files up to date across multiple devices. Rob Pettigrew (University Library) demonstrates how this handy new tool can be used by faculty and staff. See this M+Google FAQ on installing Google Drive. Recorded 9/25/2012

  • Getting Started with Google Mail (IT4U12)
    43 minutes
    Google Guide Eric Fruth provides a jumpstart for Google Mail features, including Inbox layout, labels, filters, and handy features to improve productivity. Recorded 9/6/2012

  • Google – Beyond Day One (IT4U11)
    57 minutes
    Demo of Google Mail features, and how to organize your messages, including advanced search, filters and archiving. Ryan Vis also covers securely sharing your Docs, with real-time editing and comments. Recorded 8/16/2012

  • Introduction to Google Presentations (IT4U10)
    27 minutes
    Learn how to create, share, edit, and download Google presentations. We'll compare with PowerPoint and discuss advantages of each. Recorded 8/2/2012

  • Introduction to Google Forms (IT4U09)
    45 minutes
    Learn how to use Google forms to plan events, send a survey, give a quiz or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. Recorded 7/10/2012.

  • Getting Started with Google Documents (IT4U08)
    45 minutes
    Matt Martin (ITS) demonstrates how to create, edit, format, and share a Google document. Recorded 6/12/2012.

  • Google Docs Tips & Tricks (IT4U05)
    30 minutes
    Tips on sharing, commenting, and collaborating in the Google Docs suite of products. Recorded 5/10/2012


  • CTools' Hidden Treasures (IT4U29)
    46 minutes
    Would you like to drag and drop files into CTools Resources or Drop Box? Create a specialized project site from a template? Send an email that will allow U-M colleagues to automatically join your project site? A Grab Bag of CTools features that you probably didn't know existed, this IT4U session is the equivalent of the "I'm feeling lucky" button in Google Search. Presenter: Jeff Ziegler (ITS). Recorded 12/10/13

  • CTools Tips (IT4U13)
    46 minutes
    CTools is a powerful tool for managing your projects, interactive discussions, and accessing everything anywhere at any time. Irene Knokh (U-M Health System) demonstrates building a site, schedule tracking, using the Google plug-in, and useful practices for site management. See additional support materials in this Google Docs folder. Recorded 9/20/2012

File Storage

  • M+Box Shared Accounts (IT4U28)
    38 minutes
    Shared M+Box Accounts Presentation PDF
    Shared M+Box accounts are now available for departments, projects, student groups and other functions that require collaborative storage. A shared account is not connected with an individual user, so it's an ideal place to store departmental or project content. Kris Steinhoff (ITS) demonstrates how to get started. Recorded 11/11/2013

  • The U-M Sensitive Data Guide—A New Online Tool (IT4U24)
    29 minutes
    Sol Bermann (ITS) demonstrates the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services--an interactive online tool designed to guide you in which IT services are appropriate for storing and sharing sensitive regulated and non-regulated institutional data. Recorded 6/10/2013

  • M+Box, Part 2 (IT4U19)
    38 minutes
    Deeper dive into M+Box, a cloud-based solution that allows you to easily share files, assign tasks, and collaborate with people inside and outside the University. Presenter: Kris Steinhoff (ITS). Recorded 12/10/2012

  • Online Storage Solutions (IT4U17)
    44 minutes
    ITS has multiple online storage options—including M+Box, CTools, and Google Drive—for creating, storing, and sharing your files. Find out which services U-M recommends—and which to avoid! Jessica Rohr (NextGen Michigan/ITS) offer solutions for instructors sharing documents with students or colleagues; researchers with FERPA or Sensitive Health Information; and more. Recorded 10/23/2012

  • Introduction to M+Box (IT4U16)
    44 minutes
    M+Box is a cloud-based solution that allows you to easily share files with people inside and outside the University. Mandie Chapman (ITS) points out useful Box features: version control, online comments, assigning tasks, integration with Microsoft Office products, email integration, and downloadable apps, such as Box Sync. Recorded 10/4/2012

  • Where to Store My Stuff? (IT4U06) Advice and real-world examples for ITS, Google, Box and CTools storage options. Topics include storing sensitive data, sharing documents, collaborative authoring and backups. Recorded 6/6/12.

Other Tools

  • Data Analysis with Tableau (IT4U32)
    44 minutes
    Notes | Slides
    Tableau is a software tool for creating data visualization/dashboards, performing advanced data analysis, and creating prototype reports. Carolyn Rockafellow (ITS) provides a demo of the new U-M Tableau desktop tool and our U-M Tableau secure server, where members of the U-M Tableau consortium of units can securely publish and share data visualizations. Recorded 3/11/14

  • Streamlined Surveys with Qualtrics (IT4U31)
    44 minutes
    Notes on Qualtrics Survey Options | Notes on Qualtrics Advanced Options
    Britain Woodman (Library Operations) demonstrates using Qualtrics to quickly create surveys and collect and analyze data. Qualtrics offers an easy-to-use interface for creating sophisticated surveys and is free to all U-M students, staff and faculty. Recorded 2/26/14